Saturday, April 02, 2005

ASPO's Smirking, Malign Fascists

I have already recorded my contempt for those who would stand by and condemn the world to a fate of mass death. It's one thing to hear such shrill pronouncements from peak oil's homicidal wing, but quite another to hear it from those attempting to pass themselves off as academics. This week, ASPO published the most inhuman comment I've yet read from them in their Newsletter 51 (PDF). Regarding their opinion of the fate of a post-industrial India:
How India will fare during the Second Half of the Oil Age is hard to predict, but disintegration is a possible outcome, as people revert to their old communal and religious identities, a process which will probably be accompanied by much bloodshed and suffering. Clearly, the present population far exceeds the carrying capacity of the land, but the Indian is blessed by a smiling, benign spirituality that helps.
(Emphasis mine.) I stroke my beard; I bite my tongue. The vileness swimming in that last sentence recalls the twentieth century at its worst moments. I haven't the black depths of pen to heap upon the authors of this sewage the kind of scorn they so justly deserve.