Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Another Sidebar Update: R-Squared

I'm still around and reading, so while this blog is largely dormant in terms of new content, I'm still maintaining the blogroll on the right. It's hardly a new blog, but Robert Rapier's R-Squared Energy Blog has some insightful contents, including yesterday's guest post about the unfortunate and serious problems with algal biodiesel being any sort of near-term cavalry to rescue us from our energy straits. We appear to agree on the side effects of peak oil: industrial civilization will not collapse, sorry James Kunstler. He also seems to have the same problem with primitivist trolls that I have had earler. (You'll have to scroll down, as his blogging template doesn't [yet] get page anchors right.)

On a related note, Rapier shows up in the comments of this Wall Street Journal Energy Roundup post relaying a fascinating and all-too-sadly-mundane report at The Oil Drum indicating that the Saudis may have inadvertently published data showing that their biggest field, Ghawar, has hit peak production and has been sliding downhill since 2004.

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