Monday, April 11, 2005

Recycling Tires Into Oil

An Australian, John Dobozy, has discovered a simple method to recycle tires (or tyres, as they're wont to spell it in Oz). Most recycling processes shred the old carcass hoping to recover the rubber, but Dobozy's method heats tires in a large microwave to 1300 degrees (we assume Celsius). He then removes the steel beads from the carcass, soaks the heated carcass in oil, and "reduces the rubber to the consistency of cream cheese". The process renders the product to crude oil, which is then sold. He further claims the process is self-sustaining, i.e., he is able to run his plant off the oil he gets from the tires, and makes AUS $3 per tire, versus about $0.40 using shredding methods.

A more recent ABC (Australian) interview with Dobozy can be found here. Dobozy is building a pilot plant in Sydney and says he could build two plants in every U.S. state and work round the clock.