Friday, April 15, 2005

Research Connect Report On Chinese Petro-Politics

This morning, Thomas O'Keefe of Research Connect e-mailed me about a rather lengthy report by Kevin Skislock of Laguna Research (direct PDF link) on the effects of oil on China and her neighbors, entitled "Crisis On The China Rim". I haven't had time to digest it all, but I'll give you the lead graf as a teaser:
Based on our analysis of the intense economic, crude oil, and military confrontations developing among the China Rim region’s largest economies, we believe that the most aggressive crude oil price targets calling for $100 per barrel within the next three years will prove to be conservative. In our view, specific crude oil price targets are the realm of financial organizations with equity and commodities trading desks. As a pure independent research firm, we have neither. However, it is our opinion that the “likely direction of surprise” in crude oil prices will continue to be to the upside.
Watch this space for more; I may have a detailed summary up in a bit.