Thursday, May 05, 2005

Fuelishness, Biofertilizer, and Economic Sense

It looks like I started an interesting if still somewhat less-than-satisfying thread on the use of biofertilizers and organic farming on Chiasm the other day, based on a post from Crumb Trail, written by "farmer/polymath Gary Jones" about organic hype. That spawned a second post via e-mail that's very much worth reading. As I mentioned in the comments, it's not so much that biofertilizer costs money or yield now as they may cost less than natural gas-derived synthetic fertilizers down the road. (Yes, I'm aware that cyanobacteria may affect yield, but how much is always the question.) Another question remains just how yields are doing overall; the green hype is that they're down, down, down everywhere, but Gary points to his post "Fat Year" for contrary information. It's very difficult to find anything approximating solid evidence for the claims of doom you often hear from the Greens, and one begins to sense fingers on the scales.