Sunday, May 22, 2005

Look For the OTC:BB Symbol Of Quality!

Recently, ran a press release from Canadian company Fairchild International Corporation indicating they had found a way to produce "synthetic natural gas" from arbitrary carboniferous fuelstocks, including "low-grade coal, wood waste and other biomass".
Anish Somani, Fairchild President said, "Synthetic natural gas "SynGas" has the potential to replace natural gas in powering our communities, homes and industrial plants in the future. Our technology allows us to produce SynGas cheaper than the current costs of processing gas. Our new approach allows us to take the guess work out of exploration activities in an era when traditional fossil fuels have become expensive and scarce."
Notice the 25:1 reverse split on their home page. Notice the OTC:BB (penny stock, over-the-counter) listing. Notice the 0.43 share price. Notice the absence of information about patents. (Most likely, what they've got is just another fuel gasification system that generates town gas.) Caveat emptor.