Sunday, May 08, 2005

Monkeysigns Of Life At Nanosolar

After facing legitimate skepticism both here and at Monkeysign, it appears Nanosolar now claims to be ready for prime time, according to Monkeysign. An article in the San Jose Mercury-News mentions heavy-hitting new hires (via the company's press release):
  • Chris Eberspacher, Vice President of Engineering; formerly head of R&D at Shell Solar.
  • Werner Dumanski, Executive Vice President of Operations; formerly head of manufacturing for Hitachi/IBM's $4.5 billion storage components division.
  • Siva Sivaram, to the Board of Directors; Sivaram currently works for Intel as General Manager of "Intel’s billion-dollar IC Procurement and Enabling Division".
Monkeysign also notes Nanosolar has 42 patents, more than he earlier researched. Nonetheless, we're still told that products are coming Real Soon Now, with an outer bound of This Year. It doesn't help matters much, though; skepticism is called for until we can get something in our hands.