Monday, May 30, 2005

Who's The Bigger Fool?

Peak Energy decries Wired as "technofabulists" for their recent article on OTEC technology after the Engineer-Poet threw some, um, cold water on the feasibility of such a system. Well, just so, but I would remind the author of that piece that Wired serves here as a mere messenger; after all, they only paid the journalist who wrote about it. The federal government has spent millions more than that, and for a lot longer. If Wired's editorial staff are a bunch of patsies, what does that make the various departments that cut Craven check after check for literally years? This, kids, is why I'm all hot for using markets to solve the energy problems we're about to face: governments will tend to throw money at those guys who can write good grant proposals or are politically well-connected; actual performance is not required. People whose own capital is on the line will tend to demand results.