Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Belated: The Conversion Of Paul Erlich

I seem to remember someone else writing about this recently, but the only mention I can now recall is over at Chiasm (again): Paul Ehrlich, he of the famous Julian Simon bet and all that 1970's doomsaying, seems to be coming around to a more nuanced comprehension of economics. That is to say, Ehrlich and the economists are coming together and understanding each other better. This will, no doubt, annoy anyone fond of the word "overshoot" and the intellectual pygmies shouting about the "Olduvai cliff" and suchlike, but as always, John provides a bunch of links and summarizes the state of the conversation. There is hope that the Greens may yet be teachable, and converting one of their icons to a more rational mindset snares yet another millennialist from the mist.