Saturday, June 04, 2005

Grassy Knolls Everywhere, I Tell You

Searching For The Truth comes no closer to that aim by publishing a strange and paranoiac document that seems to me to be the ravings of a conspiracy theorist. Without reading too closely, I note at least one substantive error that keeps getting re-made in certain circles: Richard Perle didn't resign in 2003 from the Defense Policy Board, but on February 18, 2004. A number of people have made the erroneous conclusion that Perle's resignation from the chairmanship of that board was the same thing, which it was not. Likewise, the author of this piece makes the unsubstantiated claim that Perle is an Israeli spy, and falls prey to the usual pink thinking so often seen in these circles. That is to say, like so many of Alexander Cockburn's pals at Counterpunch, he has his predispositions. If this is "well-researched", I should question what a poorly researched document would look like.