Tuesday, June 28, 2005

It's Official? ITER In Cadarache

Or so says the BBC, replete with Luddite quotes:
... some environmental groups are doubtful about the viability of nuclear fusion, and have warned that Cadarache lies on a known earthquake faultline. The management at Cadarache insists there is no risk to existing or future installations.
... because, of course, a breach of the fusion core would release all that deadly helium.
"Governments should not waste our money on a dangerous toy which will never deliver any useful energy. Instead, they should invest in renewable energy which is abundantly available, not in 2080 but today."
And you know this, how?
More on this from the US DOE (PDF), where Secretary of Energy Samuel Bodman said:
Plentiful, reliable energy is critical to continued worldwide economic development. Fusion technologies have the potential to transform how energy is produced and provide significant amounts of safe, environmentally-friendly power in the future. The ITER project will make this vision a reality.
Additional commentary by the USDOE Office of Science (PDF), and the joint declaration of the participants (PDF).