Monday, July 11, 2005

Canadian Native Group Agrees To Halt Gas Pipeline Suit

Map of the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline

A native Canadian group has agreed to cease legal stalling tactics that were delaying a large natural gas pipeline from being built. The Mackenzie Valley Pipeline will carry gas from Canadian arctic fields near the Beaufort sea to southern markets. The Deh Cho people, whose lands the pipeline is planned to traverse, launched two lawsuits last year, claiming "insufficient representation". The Deh Cho have further received $15 million in funds from the Canadian government, for "economic development"; as well, the Canadian government must consult with the Deh Cho before "issuing any development authorization that would affect the Deh Cho's rights."

The pipeline is scheduled to open late in the decade, and will carry 1.5 billion cubic feet of gas per day once operating. More on the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline can be found at the project's home page.