Monday, February 27, 2006

Jared Diamond Is A Jackass, Answering A Good Question

I positively loved this post on Peak Oil Debunked regarding Jared Diamond and his cottage industry pitching disaster. In that, he's remarkably like another of Debunked author JD's bêtes noir, Matt Savinar, whose idiocy has already been commented upon.

But JD raises a really good point when he asks the useful question when he asks of folks at The Oil Drum, "Why do you link to [Savinar, From the Wilderness,, Richard "Olduvai" Duncan] if you guys are the moderates?" While this is pure speculation, it seems to me there are two plausible explanations:

  • Scratch an environmentalist and you will find a communist, or at least a guy who has a false but very, very strong sense that his simple-but-wrong solution to all problems can be made to work if only he had enough cops behind it. In practice, the two are indistinguishable.
  • Scratch an environmentalist and you will find a fascist. This came out recently in a comments that JD uncovered from various peakers, including Richard Heinberg, and out of the orifaces of the allegedly scholarly ASPO, when Colin Campbell let fly his idea that's almost as fun as Charlton Heston's 1973 discovery.
So, JD, why do I still have these jackasses on the sidebar? Well, as Mencken once answered a similar question, why does one go to the zoo?