Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Denial Continues

An amazing comment in the WSJ ($$) from Burnham Securities auto analyst David Healy:
"Perceptions are everything, and potential big-SUV buyers who last month were ready to shell out $40,000 if only they could get that new [Chevrolet] Tahoe, are now sitting home, watching a partly seasonal runup in gas prices, chewing their nails and worrying about Nigeria," Mr. Healy said.

Nevertheless, "drivers will eventually get used to the $3 sign at the pump and not miss the extra $12 a month it will take to keep the wheels rolling," he said.

Out. Of. His. Mind. GM vehicle sales: down 11%. Chrysler: down 8%. Ford: down 6.6%, but reporting the best month ever for its hybrid vehicles.

And Toyota, up 4.5%.

Nah, they won't miss that $12 a month... or more.