Monday, December 24, 2007

R-Squared's Top Energy Stories

Of course, my favorite on the list is number 10:
10. US Navy funds Bussard Fusion

I think you have to include the US Navy funding Bussard Fusion in there:

Bussard died a couple months ago. I had really given up on fusion, but his work actually appears to have a reasonable change to work. Hopefully with more funding his team will be able to make it work.

Yes, Dr. Bussard's work will be carried on. First step is to construct
WB-7 and replicate the results achieved with WB-6. Hopefully by the end of April 2008. If that works, then on to WB-8, and then an actual power generating plant.
Number 25 is also pretty interesting:

25. Cooper Pairs in insulators

One of the AIP's top stories of the year, this discovery may well help us reach a better understanding of superconductivity and insulators both. Superconductivity is of course a holy grail in energy research, and while this discovery doesn't directly lead to a room temp superconductor, it does add to the fundamental knowledge of material in the solid state.
Read the whole thing. It's good stuff.

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